09:57 07-06-2019
Het weer zit lekker mee volgende week.......pffffff
Ik hoop dat die tent dicht is!
19:46 06-06-2019
de webmaster
yes, very
12:58 04-06-2019
Lekker druk hier!
09:53 04-03-2019
14:27 26-01-2019
Dikke lul
13:54 21-12-2018
Webmaster: Waar zijn de sneeuwvlokken en het kerstliedje op deze site?
12:10 26-10-2018
de webmaster
We also have a newcomer: Gert Bubble
19:48 06-10-2018
Benny Hill
All booked for LM2019. We have a newcomer. Andy "Greener" Green. Be gentle with him and be sure to take your clogs off before you kick him in the bollocks!
19:38 12-07-2018
de webmaster
Plenty of time until june '19, Benny...
16:22 08-07-2018
Benny Hill
This is nowhere near the Dutch efficiency standard I have come to expect, but I assume you're all spending plenty of time watching the World Cup so you are forgiven
19:44 29-06-2018
de webmaster
Have to sort them out still
21:25 26-06-2018
Benny Hill
Any pics to share lads?
17:01 19-06-2018
10:20 09-06-2018
Benny Hill
Gitson is in charge of all things technical!
21:27 07-06-2018
Benny....maybe its better to ask Sam ,he was also the only one who knew how the Dyke system worked! (smartness is genetic reletated from fathers to sons! Not from brothers to brothers....sorry!)
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