19:48 26-07-2015
Benny Hill
So sad to hear this. RIP Paul.
00:05 26-07-2015
Rip paul, lemans friend, i am proud of my name, given by you. drinking whisky together out your hipbottle.cheers
19:59 25-07-2015
Ic king
R.I.P. Paul, thanks for many great LeMans together, thanks for all the systems, thanks for giving me my LeMans name. We will miss you, but we'll keep the spirit of Lemans alive
19:56 25-07-2015
Sad news indeed , Was a pleasure to have met Paul , RIP .
19:53 25-07-2015
where ever he is going, they receive some good company. It was good to have now him.
maybe someday Paul....
18:11 25-07-2015
de webmaster
Very sad news, though not unexpected. Glad I had the privilage to have had such a great Le Mans friend.

Rest in peace Paul,
hope they have some proper hill climb racing in heaven...
17:42 25-07-2015
Hello Guys
Sad News I am afraid, Paul has died. He died shortly after the finish of the LeMans 24 hour race. Some consolation is that he knew that his beloved Porsche had won.
I am sorry for the delay in letting you know but I wanted to convey Paul's family's thanks for your kind tribute which I delivered at the time of his funeral.
Kind regards
20:42 22-07-2015
Benny Hill
17:40 22-07-2015
Ic king
The webmasters birthday Benny
22:42 21-07-2015
Benny Hill
Just off to get myself a beer....just need someone to tell me what I'm celebrating?
22:06 21-07-2015
de webmaster
you are always on my mind, you are always on my mind
12:54 21-07-2015
10:36 21-07-2015
Ic king
congrats to the webmaster
18:57 19-07-2015
You still welcome, benny
21:50 14-07-2015
Your welkom Benny
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