12:52 17-11-2017
Ic wil André z n naam niet. Wat makeert er aan bubbe
15:43 04-11-2017
Ic king
Scherp opgemerkt trouwens
14:49 03-11-2017
de webmaster
Vraag ik me ook af. Iemand anders enig idee?
20:54 02-11-2017
waarom heb ik andre zijn naam onder m n foto staan webmaster
20:51 02-11-2017
It was good to be there Colin
20:43 01-11-2017
de webmaster
It was Benny, definitely. Sad moments and also good laughs, a little hangover and a great English breakfast. It felt like a small roller coaster. Was great to be able to be there.
20:10 01-11-2017
Benny Hill
It was so good to share tears, beers....and eventually some smiles with the Dutchies last Thursday. LM2018 is going to be IMMENSE.
22:19 11-10-2017
Benny Hill
19:06 10-10-2017
RIP Tony
07:29 10-10-2017
ic king
no words for this... and again that f...... disease. We'll miss him at LM but must keep the memories alive. R.I.P Git we loved you 2
all the best for you Benny and your family
17:42 09-10-2017
So sad indeed Benny, but please by thankful for such good memories your brother gave you all the best to you and your friends!
19:29 07-10-2017
Benny Hill
Strength will come. Right now I feel empty and weak. He's left provision in his legacy to pay for next year's Dykesystem visit. He's also left me the Pajero. He was amazing. By the way, do any of you guys know how to change a fuel filter on a 25yr old Mitsubishi Pajero?
15:16 06-10-2017
de webmaster
Altough we knew what was coming, I was shocked to hear this very sad news Colin. Of course also my condolences to you and your family. I wish you a lot of strength these days.
Le Mans will never be the same again without Tony. Such a great guy..
We'll miss the man for sure each future Le Mans.
22:36 05-10-2017
Thanks for your very kind words Colin. Tony was and will allways be a part of our Dutchstuff family.
It is a big privilege to have known him. He was the perfect caretaker & host during our trips.
Condolancies to you and your family.
Lets raise glasses in good rememberance and honour to Git/Slugger/Tony @ Tertre Rouge in June 2018
22:27 05-10-2017
Benny Hill to come to terms with the fact that they'll be no more Git? At this moment, I really don't know how to. What I do know, is that we will all come to terms with it. We will all meet up at LM again...and we will all talk about times gone by and raise a glass in his honour. Amazing friend, brother and LM comrade. I can't even to put into words how much he loved you guys.
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