12:24 23-04-2017
word het niet tijd voor een vergadering -de 50 dagengrens naderd
19:03 13-04-2017
If we can race with cars,when drunk,in Git,s garden,we can skip Le Mans.....
22:01 12-04-2017
Benny Hill
The Dykesystem members have decided that Le Mans 2017 will take place in Git's back garden this year. Can you send over some Hardebittebottebitte please?
21:23 26-03-2017
Ic king
Happy ic love the darts
21:22 26-03-2017
Ic king
No orange in 2018 since we have the best darts player in the world we can't play soccer anymore
19:14 26-03-2017
Ic king
We'll drink on another dyke invasion in 2018 all the best Git, take care
23:04 23-03-2017
Cheers my friend.
22:14 23-03-2017
Benny Hill
21:41 23-03-2017
De webmaster
I will, for sure.
I really don't think it's a good idea to let them go without you, Git. They will definitely get lost somewhere in France. Or Spain. Germany perhaps
Take care buddy, wish you all the best. See you in 2018.
20:54 23-03-2017
Benny Hill
Webmaster. Brian at 1st Tickets has agreed to put our Dykesystem deposits onto Le Mans 2018. He is a good man. Can you email him and tell him what a wonderful man he is please?
20:50 23-03-2017
Benny Hill
We have no idea how to put up the tent ffs!
21:02 22-03-2017
See that none of the Dyke system can do it without me
20:48 22-03-2017
Benny Hill
Git is strong (although he f*cking hates hospitals). Roll on Le Mans 2018!!!
22:09 21-03-2017
De webmaster
We heard
21:42 21-03-2017
No Dyke system this year. My mobile 07837953075
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